Best Brews in Bloomfield

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Best Brews in Bloomfield

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh is bursting with amazing coffee spots…but we’re here to dig up the best!  First up in the new series: Bloomfield.

Artisan Café

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Why not pair the experience with a coffee. Even if you are not particularly interested in a tattoo, this coffee shop is a definite go-to. Artisan Café is a coffee shop located on the first floor of a tattoo parlor and gallery. The space is inviting with a relaxing ambiance, and the coffee is even better. Featuring exquisite cold drip towers and French presses, the brewing methods are beautifully diverse. Tyler Bryan, the owner of Artisan Café, is also a definite coffee scientist. He is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly talented with each carefully curated drink. His latte art is equally impressive as well.

4121 Main

4121 Main is not your average coffee shop. It’s a café, botanical paradise, and gift shop all in one. The ever-changing plants, art, and wallpaper make it an exciting spot to continuously return to. Have a special event and need a bouquet? This place is also for you. The menu is rich in delicious and uniquely flavored lattes that change with every season. One of the baristas makes delectable chocolate truffles by hand that serve as great pairs with their well-crafted drinks. The aesthetically pleasing environment simply makes 4121 a Pittsburgh gem, and a beautiful place to enjoy a coffee, tea, or treat.

Constellation Coffee

Modern and minimalistic, this local coffee shop is a perfect place to meet up and get things done. The simplicity of the environment gives the space a contemporary and airy vibe. There are no bells and whistles that make the place distracting, but rather make it a cute and quaint environment. With a menu filled with espresso, drip coffees, lattes, as well as a variety of locally sourced treats, there is something for anyone.