Healthyish Lets You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

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Healthyish Lets You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too


We all strive for that “Healthyish” lifestyle, but do any of us really know what that is?  Sarah Thomas-Drawbaugh decided to make her own Healthyish lifestyle a reality.  Sarah was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, so she truly is an Icon of Pittsburgh.  After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 2016, she moved to Vail, Colorado to be with her husband and to continue developing her Healthyish brand.


Just like all of us, Sarah can’t deny a good dessert, but she wanted one that could fit in with her “Healthyish Life.” She decided to make an impact herself, and set a goal to disrupt the $4.2 billion-dollar cake mix market.  She created Healthyish Foods, which is a monthly box of pre-measured, organic baking ingredients that allows her customers to make single serving desserts at home. From the classic vanilla bean and chocolate cake, to the classy red velvet, and the fun tangy lemon, Sarah’s Healthyish line of products is changing the way people think about dessert.


Sarah really enjoys each of the different flavors for a variety of reasons, but the high quality, organic ingredients are her top priority. She wants people to be able to feel good about eating desserts that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides which is something I think we ALL can agree on.

Getting to spend the day with Sarah at her photoshoot was an awesome way to hear about her plans and goals for this company! She wants people to be confident in themselves and their life choices, while also being able to relax and enjoy all that life has to offer.  Not only is Sarah an amazing business woman, but she also has a unique style.  From her silver shoes, floral dresses, and pink pants, her clothing is just as creative as her business!

To be able to enjoy these amazing desserts all you have to do is log onto www.healthyishfoods.com and select a box that you would like to have delivered right to your doorstep!  You won’t feel the need to eat the whole cake anymore with these perfectly portioned desserts. You’ll be able to work out, eat healthy, and still enjoy a bite of dessert at the end of your day