La Vie en Vert: Celebrating Sustainability in Pittsburgh

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La Vie en Vert: Celebrating Sustainability in Pittsburgh

April 20th kicked off the annual three day sustainable festival in Pittsburgh, a three day event that celebrates sustainable living, working, and playing! La Vie en Vert, meaning “The Green Life”, commemorated the three day festival with an amazing Earth to Table dinner celebration at the Coterie Company, located in the penthouse of the Frick Building. The great night included delicious food and drinks, fantastic music, a Parisian Pop up Boutique and beautiful artwork for guests to enjoy!

Attendees enjoyed tasty food from Market Street Grocery and Black Radish Kitchen and an open bar that featured a refreshing signature cocktail containing Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka mixed with Blume Honey Water. All the food and drinks were to die for and tasted even better knowing that they were made sustainably. And to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, truffles were provided by Amanda Wright of A519 Chocolate. After guests filled their plates with the delicious food they were able to walk around and enjoy amazing music from DJ Jess and Nichole from Cello Fury’s “Steel City Trio” featuring Kara Cornell performing french infused opera.


The fun didn’t stop there! In the next room over, guests enjoyed looking through the Parisian inspired Pop up Boutique with Michelle Montana of Basil and perusing beautiful artwork from local artist Claire Hardy. All the while Kelsey Keller of Iron City Aerial performed captivating aerial routines high atop the penthouse room.


The sun was out, spirits were high, and all guests seemed to be having a wonderful time. The Coterie Company, , Pittsburgh’s newest female forward coworking space, graciously hosted the event and did a fabulous job doing so. The Coterie Company was created for women and by women. A supportive environment was created for women to work and connect with other business professionals who share similar values. The penthouse in the Frick Building serves as a great place for the Coterie Company to mark its territory. The open space and minimalist interior design creates a relaxing atmosphere where professionals can focus and form a community where women are empowered everyday.

The entire night was a major success and if you had the opportunity to attend, you definitely left with a smile on your face and very satisfied with your Saturday night well spent!