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Scents of the Season with 1820 House

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We love candles and how they can instantly perfect or make any living space cozy and relaxing, so we are absolutely swooning over 1820 House Candles! Born in a historic and gorgeous farmhouse in Ohio, all candles are hand poured with care and love. The candles are not only gorgeously scented, but they are also environmentally friendly. Each candle is non-GMO, made out of 100% pure vegetable/soy wax, with all natural farm-sourced ingredients. The burn is also impressively long and clean. With such quality ingredients and amazing burn time (110 hours), what’s there to lose?

The charming store, located at 135 N Market St, East Palestine, OH 44413, is a candle haven and a must visit. Though if you’re not located around the area, the candles are also available online, and now even at Anthropologie.

With simple but beautiful packaging, these candles can fit perfectly with any kind of décor in any room. They also make for great gifts, because really, who doesn’t love candles? 1820 House offers a variety of unique scents so there is something for anyone, during every season. There is also a range of different lines available that are constantly gaining new additions.

It’s so hard to curate a list of favorites because we love so many, but some of our favorites include:

-Salted Grapefruit

-Avocado Mint

-Warm Milk & Vanilla

-Fig Leaf & Rose

-Lavender Lemongrass

-Roasted Coffee Bean

-Whiskey & Pear

-Sage & Cucumber

-Fern & Redwood

-Brownstone & Moss

We are so tempted to scoop up every one of these candles! What are your favorite scents?